Doug Lofstrom


The eyes have it!

Tuesday, October 23rd
I don’t like my old logo. The logo of a skeleton does not portray my love of life so I have created a new one. This new one, as you can see, no pun intended, is from the portrait of Christopher Martin. The portrait touched my heart deeply. So bingo! The eyes have it. A… [ Read More ]

Featured in My Edmonds News

Friday, October 27th
MyEdmonds News Sept 25, 2017 Scene nearby: Arts writer gets her own portrait September 24, 2017 My Edmonds News “Artfully Edmonds” writer Emily Hill was on the scene at Edmonds artist Doug Lofstrom’s first one-man show at Community Life Center in Lynnwood Sunday evening, and took a moment to stop for a photo next to… [ Read More ]

Siena Has Found a Home!

Wednesday, August 23rd
   “Siena” was recently purchased by an Edmond’s resident. It is a large acrylic—48” X 60”.  We particularly like that a small self portrait giclee is mounted next to it. [ Read More ]

The Phoenix Theatre

Friday, August 18th
There is so much news coming from Doug Lofstrom’s studio that frankly, it’s hard to keep up with the man. Lofstrom recently reached a deal with The Phoenix Theatre and managing director Debra Gettleman that will allow the theatre use his art as the inspiration for the theatre’s upcoming logo redesign – to celebrate their… [ Read More ]

Cafe Louvre on 5th Avenue

Monday, August 7th
I am painting on the streets currently occupying a spot in front of “Cafe Louvre on 5th Avenue. Usually there on Saturdays from 9-3 . Please stop by the AWE (Art Walk Edmonds) Thursday Aug 17 and I will be completing my “Triptych” on the Edmonds scene. Carol and her Palindroma Trio will be playing… [ Read More ]

How my logo came into being.

Thursday, June 8th
In October 2016 I started painting.  I had a piece wood that I had slopped some paint on and I decided to use  it for a painting.  My idea was to paint an abstract piece.  I started putting different designs on it.  Suddenly I thought “I’m painting the city of Assisi Italy”.   I worked… [ Read More ]

Street Painting

Saturday, May 27th
I spent three days painting on the back of a truck on the streets of Edmonds in May. This was my first time painting outside and I loved it. The outdoor light and the interaction with the locals was an exhilarating experience. I loved it will do it more & more. [ Read More ]

Compliment the Decor of Your Home

Monday, May 15th
As we reflect and honor our customers we would like to share with you the way the art has added to the decor of their rooms.  These two photos are from a home in Brier WA. One customer, Pat Shields, has giclees of all 5 of the Cinque Terre Cities of the Italian Riviera in… [ Read More ]