Doug Lofstrom

How my logo came into being.

In October 2016 I started painting.  I had a piece wood that I had slopped some paint on and I decided to use  it for a painting.  My idea was to paint an abstract piece.  I started putting different designs on it.  Suddenly I thought “I’m painting the city of Assisi Italy”.   I worked on it for a few days and decided to drizzle some paint on a dark patch.  Carol andI had visited the Basilica in Assisi where St Francis is buried.  Upon closer examination of the drizzle I realized it looked like a skeleton. It was an ah-ha moment—it was the Bones of St Francis of Assisi.

Here is the painting—the bones in the lower right corner  and the logo.

The painting doesn’t resemble Assisi in any way!  But… what about those bones?